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Cecilia Castelli
Creator of Radiostar project . An idea that originally came to her mind 5 years ago with the aim of bringing a different alternative to a different city. Radiostar is a product that has the ingredients of a way of living: positive attitude, healthy mind, good music, and a spiritual openness towards a new world.
Being a journalist , she looked for the way of working with information playfully. Turning what is negative into something positive, and what is good into something better. Her intention and objectives are exactly the same than those of her personal life: to transmit with joy a new path that is also possible.
She adds the life, simplicity and happiness that entertain us and keeps us linked to a special place in our minds.
She is the source, the engine and the most important support for the project, which is part of her life.
Her tireless work allows us to clear up our thoughts and open up our minds and hearts to a distinct proposal at a special time.
And, what’s more, she does all that in English… Do you need anything else?
Luciano García
When it is time to decide on two possible ways of saying something, Luciano chooses the subtlest and most comprehensible one for everybody. He translates texts and phrases from Spanish into English with the characteristic harmony of a person who is solely devoted to the beauty of perfection.
He has a full and literal understanding of the other’s needs and of the crucial role aesthetics plays on the message that the public decodes .
His dynamics are simple and effective, and this makes information so lively that listeners enjoy every little piece of news.
His great powers of synthesis in regard to the seriousness of the different grammatical aspects make us feel like home, taking care of the complexity of a language by transfering it to a daily level in which we can just relax and enjoy the elegance of a job well done.