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Life Traveler:

Radiostar loves traveling.

Radiostar Places:
One of the places that we recommend is Italy. The  magnificence of the people, the culture, the architecture and, of course… the airports!!!
Drinking a latte maquiato in Café Centrale and then getting on the bike to go to “il  Mare” and stretching in a zebra lounger while listening to Collective Soul,  naturally, one of our inspiring mainstays  that contribute to the Art of our daily selection.
Venice Beach


Celebrating Sports:

As you may already know, sports are our lifestyle. Rowing , Paddling, pedaling, running, surfing, sailing, are our unstoppable engines   that keep us alive and oxygenated.

We strongly recommend a Radiostar Day:
It starts at 9 am, riding a bike until the arrival at the place where we have are boat, taking out a vessel, with or without engine , and enjoy sailing or crossing to some island.
Sunbathing, eating some fruit, drinking a lot of water… Reading, taking a nap, meditating.

Going back at sunset, pedaling home while listening to a song by The Killers, eating something and sleeping  calmly.
Music… That Great Master:

The musical content is based on several decades, but is selected with thorough precision from the classics that represented a landmark. Generally, we use active and stimulating songs which accompany the rest of the idea.
Music is the center of everything that matters to us, since it is the source of all our responses.

Eat fun food:

In your diet you cannot miss: Cheese Doritos, pizza, sneakers, Block chocolate, Taco Bell, hamburgers, strawberries & cream, microwave popcorn (salted, of course!), Billiken sour candies, skiddles, spoonfuls of milk caramel spread, pancakes with butter & syrup, hot or cold chocolate milk, chocolate milkshakes, cookies & cream ice-cream, cheese melted in the microwave and crackers.


Create an opportunity:


We hold that the mind can be a difficult and complex place, trained to live in a monotonous social structure. However, we also believe that CREATIVITY always makes you go back to the origins. 
We provide you with  a shortcut of all the things that can be done so as not to be  caught  by Western  madness:

Play an instrument: all of us come to this world with an innate gift; simply ask yourself what your greatest wish is, without thinking of the  consequences. Painting, drawing, or cooking are things that occupy the mind. Traveling, knowing other cultures, taking up the challenge of saving money, although you may not have it, to embark yourself on a trip that you had been longing to for a long time. Remember that not doing what you wish leads to constant frustrations and these, in turn, result in living with resentment.

Books that inspired us:


Viaje a Ixtlan (Journey to Ixtlan) - Carlos Castaneda
Conversaciones con Dios (Conversations with God) - Neale Walsch
Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
Rayuela (Hopscotch) - Julio Cortazar
El arte de amar (The Art of Loving) - Erich Fromm
Obras Completas (Complete Works) - Oliverio Girondo


Our  favorite words:


Give, love, celebrate, create, sing, enjoy, laugh, relax, play and


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